Gene Family-free Genome Comparison

Palestrante: Jens Stoye, Bielefeld University, Germany.

Data: 13 de maio de 2015, 10h

Local: IME-UFF, Sala de seminários do 4o. andar

Resumo: Many methods in computational comparative genomics require gene family assignments as a prerequisite. While the biological concept of gene families is well established, their computational prediction remains unreliable. This talk will present a new line of research in which family assignments are not presumed. We study several family-free approaches in detecting conserved structures, genome rearrangements and in reconstructing ancestral gene orders. This leads to a number of interesting combinatorial optimization problems, some of which turn out to be surprisingly hard, others are easily polynomial-time solvable.

Observações: O professor Jens Stoye é professor visitante da Pós-graduação da Matemática - UFF - através do projeto PVE/Ciência sem Fronteiras/CAPES coordenado pela professora Simone Dantas.